In our own words:

Michael Himlie:

Reductio ad absurdum, a Latin word meaning “reduction to absurdity” often used in philosophical arguments works likewise for my reasons of immersing myself in a full-fledged rat race of a bike ride around the U.S. embodying itself with the roots of spreading the peace. Nonviolent activists and peacemakers have often rebutted the act of war by using this technique, and Christian works and writings only strengthen its stances (as any major religion does). This is a different form, or perhaps an add-on of rebutting war and violence than Martin Luther King’s teaching of “darkness cannot drown out darkness, only light can do that”. While only love can end the vicious cycle of violence, reductio as absurdum also displays the reasons as to why not only love will cure violence but also why violence will not cure violence. It is displayed in any prominent religious texts, two of my favorite being Micah 6:8 found in the Bible, and Surah 5:8 found in the Koran.

Other reasons for embarking on such a journey as this are to live out my faith and strengthen it with those interested in the exploration of nonviolence, to take seriously the teachings of Jesus Christ, and to share with Christ’s lifestyles of nonviolence in having the faith of Him, not merely in Him, and many more. It is my life’s responsibility to be one who works towards Gandhi’s three steps of integral nonviolence, one day hoping to make a difference in the world, or at least my own little sliver of it. To reverse the beast of burden and transform it into the power of knowing, the responsibility of making the world a brighter place, one smile, hug, friendship, bike ride, alternative to violence, and dismantled weapon of mass destruction at a time. I hope you will join us, for we are not alone in the work of our God.